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Maine Coon Cat Temperament and Lifespan

If you like big cats, then you will be impressed by such a breed as Maine Coon. It is a wonderful cat which inspires respect and awe. In this American giant (the largest cat in the world among domestic breeds) noble strength, exquisite grace and gentle nature are combined. The sounds that Maine coon cats emit are reminiscent of harmonious American folk: their purring is like a song of the prairie, snowy peaks and evergreen redwoods.

According to some data their life span of these cats is about 10-12 years while other sources report that they can live up to 15 years. Anyway the proper care is able to make the life of your favourite pet longer.

How Much Does a Maine Coon Cat Cost and Price Range

Price of the Maine Coon kitten is made up of many factors. Color is one of them. Kittens of rare colors such as black are more expensive. Also, the price is influenced by blood manufacturers.

Breeding work depends on the qualitative selection of breeders. Cats for breeding are bought around the world. The most expensive, of course, the animals of show class. They are intended for exhibition and breeding, they do not have the disadvantages as they are the absolute representatives of the breed. Don't trust those breeders who offer you to buy this breed for less than $400 because it is a common average price in any country.

Maine Coon Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Maine Coons are considered to be the largest domestic cats among all breeds nowadays. They're big boned and muscular. The males of Maine Coon weigh up to 18 pounds being 40 inches in length. There are about 75 various color combinations of Maine Coon breed which is also called the American Longhair. The breed Maine Coon distinguishes 3 types of pattern: marble; band; spot (interrupted band) Maine Coon colors with a pattern are called tabby. Color lines at the cat's head form the letter "M", the eyes are circled and each hair is decked with light and dark stripes (agouti).

Maine Coon can be of one color also - all black, white, red, blue or cream without the characteristic "M" on the forehead and the tabby gene is silenced, then the Maine Coon color is called a solid in this case.

Maine Coon Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The undeniable advantage of the Maine Coon is its peaceful and docile nature, which is combined with the large dimensions of the Maine Coon. Cats of this breed can be called "chatterboxes" without an exaggeration as they follow their owners all the time, staring into their eyes and purring as they want to tell you something. They are extremely playful even when they are old. This breed will be a great choice for the family with a child as they are also incredibly affectionate with small children.