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Parson Russell Terrier Temperament and Lifespan

Parson Russell Terriers are very funny and playful dogs. Like all terriers, they have determined and independent character. Therefore, this breed's learning process is not always an easy task, sometimes, it is not so easy to deal with them. But persistence and patience when training these dogs always leads to positive results.

This dog is quite friendly towards children, especially if you grow with them.

However, Jack Russell Terrier can be aggressive with other dogs, especially if they are poorly socialized as a child. Therefore, early socialization is very important for this breed.

Keep in mind that this breed of dog has natural hunting instincts. Therefore, they tend to be on good terms with the cats, and are usually not in good relations with other small pets. It is important to keep them away from rabbits and other small pets, which can greatly affected by such love.

It is also important to make Russell Terrier always busy, because if it feels bored, the destructive behavior cannot be avoided. It is great, if the dog participates in any competition or trains regularly.

These dogs need constant attention, if they do not get it, this can lead to uncontrolled behavior, excessive barking, digging and damage things.

Russell Terriers are very curious, so they can easily get into trouble. It is important to remember that these dogs do not like to be "tame dogs" and prefer to be by themselves. They do not like to spend much time in one place and choose to replace the ambient environment.

It is resistant, durable and super-active dogs, so not suitable for everyone, so it is enough difficult to cope with such a dog for older people. The lifespan of the dogs is about 15 years and more.

How Much Does a Parson Russell Terrier Cost and Price Range

The average price is about $650. The cheapest price you can find is $300 and the highest is about $1000. The breed and show quality dogs cost more compared to the pet quality dogs.

Parson Russell Terrier Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The height of these dogs is 25 - 30 cm. The weight is 6 - 8 kg. Color: White and tan, Tri-color, black & white, lemon and white.

Parson Russell Terrier Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Parson Russell Terrier dog appeared in England in the XIX century and were created to hunt foxes and badgers. Name of these terriers is associated with a priest of the Anglican Church of John Russell. The pastor, who was born in 1795, was an avid fan of horse and hunting dogs. Once in 1819 in the village of Elmsford he bought from a milkman the white with beige markings haired dog named Trump, Pastor John started breeding terriers. His goal was to create a dog with high speed, so that they can hunt with the hounds, and extraordinary courage, so they do not give in to foxes and badgers.